Road Safety Resources

  • Automobile Association of Singapore -
  • LTA e-services, traffic updates, ERP rates, traffic cameras, traffic signs& schemes, road closure/works – Singapore Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) complete portal for eServices, traffic and motoring information. Catch up on auto news, pay traffic fines and renew road tax, view traffic conditions, bid for registration numbers – get all motoring solutions from this site .
  • Driver Improvement Points System – Get information on how drivers can participate in creating a safer riding and driving environment. This site provides material on the Driver Improvement Points System (DIPS), various DIPS scenarios, list of offences, and incentive schemes.
  • Driving License (include foreigners) - Get all the information from this website regarding the legal requirements, renewal, conversion, and replacement of driving licenses. Information is provided by the Singapore Police Force and covers both Singapore residents and foreign license applicants.
  • Learning to Drive in Singapore – This site provides all necessary information to those who want to learn driving in Singapore. The Singapore Police Force gives official procedures on how to obtain all classes of driving licenses, from motorcycles to motor cars and all types of vehicles.
  • Traffic Statistics – Relevant traffic statistics and various motoring information are discussed on this page. The Singapore Traffic Police identifies vulnerable groups (e.g. motorcyclists and elderly pedestrians) and discusses road safety campaigns addressing road and motoring issues.
  • Traffic Offences with Demerit Points & Composition Fines – Get information on the various types of traffic offences that carries demerit points and composition fines.
  • Traffic Violations and Payment of Fines – This information service of the Singapore Police Force provides details on what drivers must do if they receive traffic summonses, how to settle their traffic tickets and notices, etc. Other electronic motoring information services of the SPF are also on this site.